For as low as $30 a month you are able to upload your small or large banner and it will automatically display on thousands of apps world wide. If you are a local business and your customers are local then you can input your zip code with your ad and it will target a more zoomed in reach to the ones that open their app in that zip code area. All banner ads are clickable and will link to your website or where ever you would like your target customers to goto after clicking your banners.
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Commercial Ads

Limit Time Only

Commercial Ads for only $30 a month will put your business in the driver seat. Commercial ads will display on our Radio Streaming app and our TV app. These ads are for local businesses that want to reach a global client base. We consider an ad placed before a video thats placed on the Roku or Fire TV device can reach millions of people in the comfort of there home.
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Live Broadcast Ads

We are seeing a rapid growth in visual podcast. $100 dollars a month will put you in front of three of your most popular podcast audience. Its your choice
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Front Page Ads

For only a $100 a month have a banner display cover the whole front page of our tv app and our radio app. When subcribers log into any of these apps your banner will be the first thing they will see. We are throwing in a (never did before) bonus with this package. All our VR clients we will add your ad to the stitched VR content. So when people put on the VR goggles they can look around and see your flooting ad.
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For only $250 we will provide production for you. Out sourced by our sis company "Just Us N Them Productions" we will create and design a commercial for you. more info


We broke the bearer when we combine the game industry with the music and advertising industry. Our sister company “Synthesise” we’ll create games with specialize framework that is built around the advertiser. This means elements in the game will be your ad...more info

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